Teresa Medeiros






Avon Historical Romance, August 2004
Reviewer Sissy Jacobson

Gabriel Fairchild, Earl Sheffield, has it all. Handsome, wealthy, and wildly popular, he avoids commitment at all costs until he meets the beautiful, intelligent, but untitled, Miss Cecily March, and falls in love. She turns down his marriage proposal because an indiscretion by her sister with a wealthy, titled gentleman, who turned out to be no gentleman at all, has embarrassed the family. Now they want Cecily to marry a nice farmer or a local squire who will settle down and be a good husband and father.

In order to prove his worth to Cecily, Gabriel joins the Royal Navy and goes to battle against Napoleon. He and Cecily secretly correspond, declaring their love for one another. During his final mission, Gabriel is blinded and his face scarred by shrapnel while trying to save Admiral Nelson, who is killed. While in the hospital, Cecily visits him once, and after seeing his condition, turns and runs, never to be heard from again. He leaves the next morning for Fairchild Park, his childhood country home. There he hides himself in the mansion with all the curtains drawn and the servants tiptoeing around him. He becomes slovenly, constantly bad tempered, and chases away the nurses hired to work with him, untilÖ

One day a dowdy, dark-haired, young woman knocks on the door of Fairchild Park and announces to the housekeeper and butler that she has been hired by the earlís family as Gabrielís new nurse. They are reluctant to allow her to remain, but Samantha Wickersham doesnít take "no" for an answer. She moves in and takes over, proving she is just as stubborn as Gabriel. Who will win the battle of wills, Gabriel or Samantha?

YOURS UNTIL DAWN by Teresa Medeiros is a love story that has you cheering for Samantha and Gabriel. Samantha has some excellent ideas about helping Gabriel adjust to his blindness, and the starchy miss is not afraid to stand up to him. Once she feels he can manage well enough without her, she slips away in the night. Gabriel, who has fallen in love with her, sends out detectives, but with only the servantsí descriptions to go by, not a trace of her can be found.

I truly enjoy Teresa Medeirosís work and YOURS UNTIL DAWN is no exception. When youíre in the mood for a romance, I suggest turning to one of her books. Iíve only recently "discovered" her, but after reading three of her novels, Iím bent on visiting the used bookstore for some of her back titles. Her characters are romantic and her heroes are wonderful, but the sailing is not always smooth. She makes them work at finding their love for each other, but when they do, the conclusion of the story leaves the reader satisfied and ready for her next book.

August 2004


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