Dianna Love Snell






Silhouette Intimate Moments #1356, March 2005
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding
Angel Farentino makes a daring escape from her employer's compound during a thunder storm and electrical outage. Her boss, Mason Lorde, was holding her prisoner at his remote North Carolina home because she discovered the truth about his business dealings. Soon after her escape Angel manages to slip onto a private cargo flight at a nearby airfield. When the pilot discovers he has a stowaway passenger hiding onboard, he covers for her as private security guards come around asking questions about her.
Undercover DEA agent Zane Jackson is posing as a charter pilot when he discovers he has a cold, frightened passenger hiding on his plane. The hunted look on her face causes him to risk his official mission in order to protect her.  When thugs calling themselves private security come chasing after her, he provides her with a means of escape. She won't trust him enough to tell him what she is running from, but something about the beautiful woman called Angel makes him want to help. 
WORTH EVERY RISK is a suspenseful love story, loaded with action and drama. If you like romantic adventures with outstanding characters, you will enjoy this story.  Zane is a wonderful rugged hero. Angel is a strong heroine who has already been fooled by one handsome face, and is not about to make the same mistake again. Their struggle to learn to trust and find happiness is well-written and deeply felt---and it comes with an explosive ending.
This is Dianna Love Snell's debut novel and she has already made a name for herself by winning the Golden Heart Award (2003) for this tale. She is a strong writer who handles suspense with a genuine flair. Snell shows a great deal of promise; she is definitely an author to watch.
March 2005


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