AuthorHouse, 2004

Reviewed by Sally Roddom


Dale has been stranded on a planet. The reader is not told why, only that something went wrong. He quickly discovers that his powers havenít arrived with him, and while he has a special survival suit it cannot be trusted to work all the time.  Unfortunately for Dale, he also discovers that Gorgs, big ugly ogre-like creatures that can travel through space warps, have followed him. He just canít figure out why.
Gradually, Dale becomes the leader of a mismatched band of people: a young thief, the spoilt son of the local ruler, a woman who can communicate with animals and an old friend who is under a spell. They are travelling to Villenspell, the city of wizards. Initially this is because Dale thinks they can help him regain his powers, but as the Gorgs attack again, the group realise there is a far more urgent reason. The Wizard's War, which ended over fifty thousand years earlier, may not have ended. A survivor of that war is now attacking the world with the Gorgs in order to destroy it and harness the magic for himself. The world's only hope for survival rests with Dale and his group reaching Villenspell and enlisting the magical aid of the City of Wizards!
A fascinating blend of science fiction and fantasy, WIZARD'S BANE. The characters are all believable, realistic and down to earth. There is marked character growth, and enough untold backstories to keep the readerís curiosity piqued.  The author, Crystalwizard, grabbed my attention from the first page and kept me enthralled and wanting more by the end of the book. Fortunately I donít have to wait too long as I have the next two books ready to go.

Oct 2007


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