George Weinberg, Ph.D.





Atria, February 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

George Weinberg offers a practical guide on the subject of men; debunking the game playing and trendy dating philosophies of modern relationships. Packed with true life cases, Weinberg challenges the myth that men are terrified of commitment. The author maintains, "Men actually want commitment, love and permanence every bit as much as women do."

Based on the premise that men act according to "the Masculine Pretense," Weinberg outlines the four basic needs of men: the craving to be special, the need to travel light, the need for loyalty and the need to be emotionally close. He explains how understanding these needs are essential in creating the environment for a committed relationship.

Weinberg maintains men lack emotional clarity because they are under the influence of "gut reactions" which women often trigger unconsciously when they resort to obvious dating strategies and game playing. He outlines what women need to know in order to emotionally connect with men on the first date and in the bedroom. More importantly, he cautions women not to give away too much of themselves in a relationship.

I will admit to a certain bias about this book when I read the author had written for Cosmopolitan and Glamor magazines. I expected to read the latest psycho babble theory-of-the-week on relationships and dating. But I was pleasantly surprised by the honest, common sense approach on the subject of men. There are some who may not agree with George Weinberg's theories, especially the one that refers to men as the "weaker sex," but this is much more than a treatise on pop culture dating rituals. 

WHY MEN WON'T COMMIT offers practical insights and straightforward advice in an easy reading style. I highly recommend this book to any woman interested in understanding men. Beyond that, this book is a gold mine for fiction writers, offering a keyhole view into the psyche of men.


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