Charles Martin






Westbow Press, April 2006
Reviewed by Susan Conatser

One sleepy afternoon in Clayton, Georgia, a frail little girl selling lemonade to raise money for her heart transplant runs into the street to catch a dollar bill before it blows away. A truck comes rumbling around the corner and she is hit. Bystander Reese Mitchell sees the impact, but he cannot reach her in time to stop the accident. His swift actions keep little Annie Stephens alive until the ambulance arrives. Despite his help, Annie's condition is grim.

Reese Mitchell is a mysterious man hiding from life in the isolated community near Lake Burton. His grief over his wife's death from heart failure three years earlier has left him a shadow of the person he used to be. Annie's crisis shakes Reese to his core and her life threatening struggle compels him to stop running from his past.

WHEN CRICKETS FLY is a beautifully written Christian fiction novel, filled with poignant truths..."All hearts stop, Anne. What matters is what you do with it while it's still pumping." The message is never preachy, but flows from the story and characters naturally. The history of Annie and Reese, and why their paths have crossed, gently unfolds. The tale is immersed in the mood and pace of the deep South in summertime. Readers will find the friends and neighbors in Clayton delightfully familiar, especially native Southerners. If you enjoy a book filled with detailed descriptions and emotional depth, you will find it here. This heart wrenching journey is filled with hope and leaves you with a memorable ending.

WHEN CRICKETS CRY is Martin's third book. THE DEAD DON'T DANCE (2004) and WRAPPED IN RAIN (2005) are the titles of his previous works. THE DEAD DON'T DANCE is reportedly being made into a movie by HALLMARK.

May 2006


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