Jodi Thomas





Jove, November 2003
Reviewed by Sissy Jacobson

Historical Romance

It was cold and raining in Cedar Point, Texas, the night Sarah Andrews was raffled off in the "Wife Lottery". She and her friends Bailee and Lacy were thrown off a wagon train, "killed" an outlaw who wouldn't stay dead, and marched themselves into jail in the nearest town. The body couldn't be found, the sheriff couldn't keep the three women in his jail, so he decided he would raffle them off. Sarah, who had never been wanted by anybody, pulled Sam Gatlin's name out of the hat. They married that very night and left Cedar Point.

Sam Gatlin, a bounty hunter and a big bear of a man, never thought anyone would want to marry him. Sarah looks like a fragile angel, so he decides to marry her to keep her out of prison. He figures he can take her to his place, leave her there, and go on about his business. He figures wrong. His angel is anything but fragile, even though she tells him often enough that she is. After she patches him up a number of times, Sarah realizes there are many who want to kill Sam Gatlin the Legend.

Every time I think Jodi Thomas can't get any better, her next book proves me wrong. WHEN A TEXAN GAMBLES is one of her best. In this novel, she uses a generous helping of humor that will keep you laughing and falling in love with the hero and heroine. Sarah and Sam's story could have been told using melancholy prose, however Ms. Thomas chose the witty approach and it worked beautifully. This book will definitely join the rest of Jodi Thomas's books on my keeper shelves, and be savored again and again. Look for Lacy's story sometime in 2004. I know I will. WHEN A TEXAN GAMBLES, the second book in the Wife Lottery trilogy, follows THE TEXAN'S WAGER. Any Jodi Thomas fan will also love THE TEXAN'S WAGER, featuring an unusual hero.


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