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Awe-Struck E-Books, Nov 2004
Reviewed by Joy Calderwood

 It was bad enough for Oklahoma veterinarian Dallas Fielding to be left at the altar because she wasn’t womanly enough. But does the first guy she has been attracted to since the disaster have to refer to her as “a good man”?

 True, Dallas is covered in bulky clothes and barn filth. And true, Matt Stone has a lot of other things to distract him, like his Uncle Nat’s stroke, and the successful business he left behind in New York when he came to take care of Nat’s ranch. But Dallas has a temper and her family has a tradition of practical jokes. She leaves Matt to stew in his mistake.

 Then Matt sees Dallas in feminine garb. It is an instant, helpless attraction for Matt, and Dallas’ feelings aren’t far behind. Matt has already made clear that what he wants most of all in a woman is honesty. How can Dallas possibly tell him she is Dr. Fielding, the “good man” Matt likes so much? The more Dallas and Matt care for each other, the more they have to lose when the truth finally, inevitably, comes out.

 The suspenseful romance of UNDOING DALLAS takes place under the threat of wondering when the ax will fall. There are so many ways it could happen. So many people know both of them. The woman Matt rejected years ago would love to wreck anything he cares about. A single look from Uncle Nat would give Dallas away. How long can Dallas dodge the people who could ruin everything with one word?

 Helping the suspense is the stream of consciousness of Dallas and Matt talking to themselves. Their emotional baggage, their worries, their desire, woven among life’s doings, all get a thorough airing, and we the readers come to understand and sympathize with both of them very well. We are impatient for them to resolve their problems, and want to knock sense into them when they think something silly.

 It takes some doing to accept the basic premise of UNDOING DALLAS. But if you are willing to forcibly wrestle your disbelief into submission, Marti Siddon’s story will give you a charming, passionate read and a happy, silly conclusion.

 Nov 2004 Review


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