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Little-Brown, September 2006
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Bella Swan is the new kid at Forks High School. She has recently moved from her mom's home in Phoenix to Forks, Washington where her father is Police Chief. She loves sunny Phoenix but her decision to move came when her mother remarried. The dark and damp weather in Forks is a tough adjustment but when her presence actually repels a classmate, she begins to worry about her decision.

The Cullens, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice, sit alone and separate from everyone else in the cafeteria. They are reported to be the foster children of Dr. Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Bella is fascinated with the angelic perfection of the family who keep to themselves. When Bella is assigned a seat at Edward Cullen's table in Biology Lab, he appears to be instantly revolted by her. He runs from the room and cuts school for the next few days. When he returns he is like a different person. Now he finds her attractive and interesting. Bella feels the pull too, though she doesn't yet realize it's the beginning of a strange and dangerous attraction.

The Cullens are vampires. Blood thirsty killers, they try not to feed on human blood, they hunt animals. It's an unusual life for a vampire but it allows them to somewhat settle down and live among humans. Edward has been alone for so long and frozen in time as a seventeen year old. He is bored with life and restless until Bella comes along. But she is such a temptation for him. How will he keep her safe when he is the greatest danger to her?

TWILIGHT is a young adult runaway bestseller. It is such a compelling and well written story that it's hard to categorize as an exclusive young adult book, it is more like an ageless love story. It's no wonder kids are crazy about this book. I loved it as well.

The story is written in first person narrative from Bella's point of view. It has the effect of pulling you into her story and emotions. It's a fast and intense journey into first love. I had one or two quibbles with the story: Bella's parents are portrayed as completely clueless idiots, often mere window dressing; and Bella is not as strong a character as she could be. She is portrayed as a girl so helplessly in love she's a danger to herself. It's almost overdone.

Author Stephanie Meyer is reported to have dreamed the scene in the thirteenth chapter and developed the story into a full length, book. TWILIGHT is 498 pages long and is Book One in a four book series titled NEW MOON, ECILIPSE and BREAKING DAWN. TWILIGHT the movie was released in late 2008 but the movie version leaves too many important events out. You really should read the book. This is a wonderful love story.

March 2009


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