Marsha Hubler






Zonderkidz, 2004
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding
Skye Nicholson is growing into a new sense of herself since coming to Keystone Stables to live with Tom and Eileen Chambers. Her new beginning is tested when she is called on to talk a friend from middle school back from the edge of violence. Upset and desperate, Sooze is on the roof of her house with a lighter and kerosene ready to set fire to the house. Eileen supports Skye as she appeals to her friend to please come down before Sooze's Mom calls the police. When Skye offers Sooze a chance to come to Keystone Stables and ride the horses with her, Sooze jumps at the offer and comes down.
Following the incident on the roof Sooze is assigned to stay at Keystone Stables for one year. Sooze and Skye have a history of using drugs and acting out together and soon after Sooze takes up residence, she compromises Skye's new beginning. They both wind up in the hospital with bruises and injuries as a result of their hijinks. But the examination at the hospital reveals more about Sooze than anyone expects.
In TRUE TEST FOR SKYE, the second book of the Keystone Stables series, the stakes for Skye are kicked up a notch. Hubler writes realistically about the emotions of troubled teens and offers an insightful look into young girls' lives. The love and power of God are woven into the drama as a dynamic element in every scene. Skye deals with the pressures of her early childhood and finds help to face future struggles in her faith. This novel will appeal to young readers who are ready for more mature fiction and are compassionate towards kids at risk.
July 2005

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