Julie Moffat






Zebra Ballad,, October2002
Reviewed by Sissy Jacobson

Spencer Reeves, a young physician from Salem, and his friends Charles and Jonathan are out sailing late one afternoon when a sudden storm comes up. Fighting the wind and waves, Charles and Jonathan are slightly injured, but when the skiff breaks apart, Spencer is more seriously wounded. With night coming on, they realize they have to get help. Charles and Jonathan manage to get Spencer to an isolated cottage they had spied from their skiff.

Gillian Saunders and her adopted brother, Lemuel, live alone in the cottage left to them by their parents. They take the wounded men in and Gillian, a healer, tends their wounds. The next day, Charles and Jonathan recover enough to leave Spencer in Gillianís care, and make their way back to Salem for help in transporting an injured Spencer home. However Spencer is amazed to see that his ankle is healing much faster than expected. While Gillian and Spencer are alone they realize they have much in common. They exchange ideas about different methods of healing and find that while they agree on much, they also learn from each other.

When his father arrives to take him home, Spencer, who is grateful for all Gillian and Lemuel have done, tell them that if they are ever in need, they are to come to him. When they are forced to go to Salem to seek help, Gillian insists on working with Spencer and his father in the clinic. There she tries to hide her amazing gift for healing while at the same time, she cannot turn her back on those who need her.

Though Spencer is betrothed to someone else, he and Gillian fall in love. But when an ancient curse threatens Spencerís life, Gillian must put her life on the line in order to save him.

.I love this authorís writing style. Her descriptive passages and dialogue are so well paced that you never get bogged down in the story, and her characterizations and setting are beautifully portrayed.

TO TOUCH THE SKY concludes The Macinness Legacy trilogy. Set in Salem, Massachusetts in 1792, this book is a good read for Halloween. We have witches and curses and reversal ceremonies by the light of the moon on All Hallows Eve. I highly recommend it to those who like paranormals with a historical setting.

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