Judy L. Leger






Chippewa Publishing, November 30, 2004

Reviewer Sissy Jacobson


Romantic Fantasy Novella


In the center of the forest of ancient trees grows the Tree of Providence. The fruit from this tree is used to brew an elixir that helps keep balance in the valley. Each year a young woman is given the awesome responsibility of entering THE WRAITH’S FOREST and carefully gathering the fruit for Mr. Nole, the valley’s wizard, who makes the elixir. This year, seventeen-year-old Keely has been given this honor.


In the forest dwells the Wraith. Legend has it that he is bound to the forest for eternity. No one has ever seen his face or knows anything about him, except that as long as one stays on the path they are safe.  As Keely hurries to get back to the valley, she sees a figure dressed in black tattered robes watching her. She picks up her pace, but the Wraith keeps up with her. When Keely stumbles and falls, her head comes to rest just inside the forest…she is no longer safe. What will the Wraith do to her? Can she get the precious fruit back to the valley and Mr. Nole? The Wraith extends his glove-clad hand, lifts a lock of Keely’s long, black hair, and….


THE WRAITH’S FOREST, with its fairy tale quality, is Judy L. Leger’s debut into the world of publishing. My advice is to keep your eyes on this very talented writer. I predict that once the public recognizes her, her books will really take off. This story takes unexpected twists and turns, causing the reader to hold his breath. The end is both surprising and satisfying. The plot is fascinating, the characters spring to life from the pages, and the dialogue flows smoothly. One who does not know better would think Ms. Leger is a seasoned author. I can honestly recommend THE WRAITH’S FOREST to lovers of fantasy or those who just want to read an engrossing tale. It will also raise enough “goose bumps” to make a great story for a teenage girls’ sleepover.


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December 2004



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