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Avon, December 2000

Reviewer Sissy Jacobson


Regency London, 1814 


Anthony Bridgerton was eighteen when his larger-than-life father died and Anthony inherited the viscountcy. He has shouldered his responsibilities as Viscount, and head of the Bridgerton family, admirably. However, that has not stopped him from becoming well known as a Rake (upper case, according to Lady Whistledown who has kept the ton well informed of his exploits in her Society Papers). Now, at age twenty-nine, he shocks his brothers when he announces, “I’m thinking about getting married.”  He makes a mental list of his requirements for a bride, the main one being someone he could not fall in love with.


Edwina Sheffield is considered “the diamond of the year.” She and her older sister, Katharine, are having their season together, however no one sees Kate once they are introduced to Edwina. Seventeen-year-old Edwina, blond, blue-eyed, and petite, is beautiful both inside and out. Kate, four years her elder, is also lovely, but taller, darker, and bossy. Edwina has announced that she will not marry anyone who doesn’t meet with Kate’s approval. Now all the eligible males feel they have to court Kate in order to get to Edwina. Anthony, self-confident in his ability with women, begins his pursuit of Edwina, but seems to always be thrown together with Kate.


I think THE VISCOUNT WHO LOVED ME is my favorite in the Bridgerton series. The witty repartee between Kate and Anthony is hilarious. They open their mouths and words fly back and forth. Picture Anthony left with the pink mallet and ball in a game of Pall Mall, Bridgerton style.  But they each have met their match when it comes to strength of character. Of course, Lady Whistledown lends her support in the comedic arena with the silky barbs she uses to entertain the ton.


Julia Quinn could have used Kate and Anthony’s secret phobias to build a wall of tension between them, but thankfully she didn’t slow the flow of the book with pages of tedious, “she can, she can’t, he can, he can’t, blah, blah, blah.” She uses these phobias to build a bridge between the two, bringing them closer than either could have ever dreamed. Now that I’ve finally read this second book in the series, I’m going to have to go back and reread THE DUKE AND I, AN OFFER FROM A GENTLEMAN, ROMANCING MR. BRIDGERTON, TO SIR PHILLIP WITH LOVE, and WHEN HE WAS WICKED. THE VISCOUNT WHO LOVED ME is available now in bookstores. 


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