Marsha Hubler






Zonderkidz, 2004
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding
Skye Nicholson is an angry thirteen-year-old foster child. She is hauled before a juvenile court judge, only one smart-mouthed remark away from Chesterfield Detention Center. That is, until Eileen Chambers asks to be granted custody of her. The hostile and defensive teen has been through five foster home placements and doesn't have much reason to believe life in this new foster home could be any improvement. But things at the Chambers' home, Keystone Stables, offers a fresh start. Keystone Stables is a special needs dude ranch run by Tom and Eileen. The placement offers a world of surprises for Skye.
The stressful circumstances in Skye's life expose all of her raw and painful emotional issues, some of them brought on by her own acting out. Young readers will see what is going on in Skye's head and come to understand what fuels her anger. This is a wonderfully vivid story that depicts a wounded young girl and her pre-teen angst. Her struggles with self-esteem and abandonment are positively dealt with as Skye bonds with the Chambers and finds a friend in a horse named Champ. Ms. Hubler has written an outstanding pre-teen drama that young readers will find relevant and appealing.
April 2005


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