Michael Connelly






Little Brown and Company, October 2005
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Michael Haller is a criminal defense lawyer in L.A. Maggie McPherson, his ex-wife and prosecuting attorney for Van Nuys says, "You're a sleazy defense lawyer with two ex-wives and an eight year-old daughter. And we all still love you."

He is called the Lincoln lawyer because he does his business from the back seat of his Lincoln Towncar with a driver named Earl who's working off legal fees. Cruising down the Los Angeles freeway Haller gets a cell phone call from a bail bondsman about a possible franchise client (a high paying gig) who needs representation. Louis Roulet is the son of the wealthy Beverly Hills real estate mogul, Mary Windsor. Roulet is charged with aggravated assault and attempted rape. It's an easy case for Haller with the potential of huge fees, but when his case investigator Raul Levine discovers some disturbing information about Roulet the job takes on a whole new dimension. Haller soon realizes that he is representing someone who is pure evil and if he doesn't do exactly as Roulet says, everything he holds precious in his life could be at stake.

Michael Connelly is a master of the legal thriller genre. I must be the last holdout in discovering this amazing writer. I've seen his name on the bestseller list dozens of times and heard raves about his books, but never read his work until now. THE LINCOLN LAWYER is an gritty, realistic crime drama that engaged me from the first chapter. The nail biting suspense and chilling ending kept me up all night.

The author, Michael Connelly, is known for his popluar Harry Bosch series featuring an L.A. detective. He has created another likeable character in Michael Haller. Haller is a sharp, quick witted and entirely human creation--a mixture of appealing, sympathetic qualities yet capable of neglecting and disappointing the ones he loves most. Readers will fall in love with him right along with his two ex-wives. If you are among the small reader group that hasn't already read Connelly's work, THE LINCOLN LAWYER is a great place to start.

March 2006


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