Brian Haig






Warner Books, August 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

JAG Army lawyer Major Sean Drummond is asked to represent Brigadier General William Morrison, the husband of his former lover. General Morrison, the US military attaché to Russia, is accused of treason. Mary Steele Morrison was once Drummond's college sweetheart. General Morrison, a rising star in the intelligence field, was responsible for recruiting America's number one Russian spy and served as his controller. Mary, also an intelligence executive for the CIA, was in charge of finding the mole in the Agency who was selling secrets to the Russians for the last eight years. When the US arrests her husband for treason, the General wants Drummond to represent him.

Sean is in over his head with this case, because the evidence against his client is overwhelming. But Mary pleads with him to help her husband, and he can't say no. With the assistance of a Russian speaking, civilian co-counsel, Katrina Mazorski, and his irrepressible legal aide, Sergeant First Class Imelda Pepperfield, Drummond stumbles onto information that makes them the target of killers.

THE KINGMAKER is the third title in the Sean Drummond Series. The smart aleck and likable Drummond is back, stirring up trouble and ticking off the wrong people again. Haig reveals more of Drummond's special ops background in this novel and places him in situations to show off his lethal combat skills. Drummonds appears to be one of those men who never gets the girl and this aspect is written in such a way that readers will enjoy his misery. His side kick, Imelda Pepperfield, is a snappy, no nonsense, likable character who offsets Drummund's troublesome tendencies very well. Her recurring role in this series has won many fans who look forward to her appearance in each novel.

The Kingmaker explores the world of intelligence and espionage and uses the new Russian government and economy as a backdrop for suspense. This time Drummond goes up against men who have the power to create new world leaders and set up or destroy kingdoms.

Brian Haig's stories are so entertaining they have become auto-buys for me. Even though I've read the novels out of sequence, I had no trouble following the tales, which were written in this order: SECRET SANCTION (2001), MORTAL ALLIES (2002), THE KINGMAKER (2003) and PRIVATE SECTOR (2003).

July 2004


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