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Brad Bird, Writer
Buena Vista Pictures, November 2004
Reviewed by Susan Conatser
THE INCREDIBLES is the newest Disney Pixar animated film, featuring a family of superheroes in the Superhero Relocation Program.
The age of lawsuits has ruined the heroics of the superhero lifestyle, when a suicidal man is saved by Mr. Incredible. He doesn't want to be saved, so he sues. Soon there are so many lawsuits that superheroes are being put out of business. Finally, the government is forced to send Mr. Incredible into the Superhero Relocation Program along with his wife, Elastigirl. They move to suburbia and take on the names Bob and Helen Parr (Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter) where they start a family and live with their three children, Dash, (Spencer Fox) Violet (Sara Vowell) and baby Jack-Jack (Eli Fucile and Maeve Andrews). The children, who are not encouraged to develop their super powers, struggle to fit in just like regular humans. Dash, who is the fastest runner ever born, and Violet, who can become invisible, frequently get in trouble. They aren't sure what kind of powers baby Jack-Jack might have but Mr. Incredible has trouble curbing his superhero impulses too and he isn't happy in their new life.
Big troubles begin when the former president of the Mr. Incredible Fan Club, a pesky little man, Buddy Pine (Jason Lee), gets upset with his hero for brushing him off. Buddy discovers a way through technology to mimic his hero's superpowers and remakes himself into a vengeful and egotistical character known as Syndrome. Syndrome is tracking down the superheroes in the program and killing them off one by one so he can implement his plan to become the greatest superhero the world has ever known. And he will do it, too, unless Mr. Incredible figures out a way to stop him. When Mr. Incredible is captured by Syndrome the entire family must pull together to triumph over his evil plans.
THE INCREDIBLES is an action/adventure movie that certainly lives up to its name. The characters and story are fun and entertaining for all ages. There is a bit of violence that accounts for the PG rating. But overall it is a colorful and exciting adventure of a family struggling to find their way. I loved the story of Violet, who is shy and insecure, but comes into her own when she discovers new strengths and helps the family in a vital way. Even little Jack-Jack  discovers his super powers in the end. This is 105 minutes of pure pleasure that will make you laugh out loud.
Disney Pixar Animation Studios, responsible for developing TOY STORY, MONSTERS INC. and FINDING NEMO, has created another winner with THE INCREDIBLES.
November 2004


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