Connie Crow






Awe-Struck E-Books, Sep 2005
Reviewed by Joy Calderwood

Romantic Suspense. Hawaii, Contemporary

Meg Morton thinks she is having a week-long fling with a Hawaiian beach bum and odd job man. Sexy Marc is the perfect antidote for her hard-driving career, while she takes time to consider a marriage proposal from Al, who is even more career-oriented than Meg.

Marc Akilahu allows his attraction to Meg to distract him from his hunt for a native wife. He must find a pure-blood bride soon, or lose an inheritance needed by his familyís estates. Meg has a hold on his senses that may overcome his business instincts.

The revelation that both have been hiding their true identities comes as a nasty shock. Even worse, it is Megís job to audit Marcís Foundation and find the embezzler of six million dollars. Very few people had the opportunity, and Marc is one of them.

Author Connie Crow has created an attractive pair in these two talented business people who havenít lost touch with their feelings. The week of their fling is long enough to seduce not only each other but the reader, too. Megís background is especially interesting, with her socially ambitious grandmother taking the place of her dead mother early in her life. In Hawaii Meg will solve the mystery of her past, enriching her life with things she didnít know she missed.

THE DARK SIDE OF PARADISE isnít particularly dark. The evidence tells the reader who the embezzler is long before the characters figure it out, so we can relax while Meg and Marc, Megís father, Marcís friend Henry, and Marcís parents all find their way to the happily-ever-after ending. Smoothly written, luxuriantly vivid, and not too deep, THE DARK SIDE OF PARADISE is the perfect accompaniment to a lo-oo-ong bubble bath.

September 2005 Review


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