Elisabeth Hyde






Pan MacMillan (Australia). This edition published: November, 2006
Reviewed by Sunnie Gill

There are some people who do jobs that put them in harmís way. Diana Thompson is one such person. Diana runs The Centre for Reproductive Choices in Colorado. In short, she performs abortions. There is no shortage of opponents but thereís no way of knowing which of them would resort to violence.

Dianaís husband comes home to find her dead, floating in their lap pool. There is a suspicious bruise on the back of her head that isnít explained by slipping. Frank is the local district attorney and their marriage isnít a particularly happy one. Their teenage daughter, Megan is having problems with her former boyfriend who is obsessed with her and wonít leave her alone. He is also a suspect. The detectives assigned to investigate Dianaís murder have butted heads with Frank in the past. They have to be careful not to lay themselves open to claims of bias.

At first I thought I wasnít going to enjoy THE ABORTIONISTíS DAUGHTER. It seemed to be more about family relationships than murder. However it didnít take long to discover that the family dynamics help inform the murder investigation.

THE ABORTIONISTíS DAUGHTER is written on a number of levels. First and foremost is the murder of Diana and the investigation. We learn the familyís back-story and what happened to bring them to this point in time. It is also an exploration of an extremely emotive issue. Both sides of the argument are cleverly woven together to demonstrate the nature of obsession and what it can do to people. THE ABORTIONISTíS DAUGHTER is not going to be everyoneís cup of tea. There are many who may find parts of the book offensive and many more who will be upset by it.

Hyde has written three other novels; each examining different aspects of family relationships. Her website is

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