Lorraine Heath





Topaz, 1997
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Western Romance

TEXAS DESTINY, the first novel in Heath's Texas Trilogy, is a western romance version of Beauty and the Beast.

Dallas Leigh, laid up with a broken leg, sends his younger brother Houston to Fort Worth in his place, to meet his bride to be. Houston, who lost one eye at the age of fifteen when he was gravely wounded during the Civil War, reluctantly agrees to bring Dallas's bride home. Houston imagines his disfigurement, which he covers with a black eye patch and a battered cowboy hat, will send the mail order bride running.

Amelia Carson arrives in Fort Worth expecting to meet her husband-to-be. Instead she is greeted by a gruff cowboy in a long duster and a black eye patch. Miss Carson, a petite beauty, is a Southerner who lost her parents and plantation during the war. The war taught her a few things about compassion and caused her to lose many of her delicate sensibilities. The difficult weeks of travel to her new home bring Houston and Amelia into intimate contact and make them depend upon each other in ways they have never experienced before. His gruff and reclusive demeanor conceals the heart of a gentle man and Amelia soon finds herself falling in love.

This is my first novel by Lorraine Heath, who has long been a recommended author. It is easy to see the appeal. Houston and Amelia are two very special characters. The slow development of their relationship and the languid mood of the story makes this a fine western romance novel. Anyone who loves westerns will enjoy the emotional journey these characters make on their trip across the Texas plains. Ms. Heath has a simple, stripped down writing style and a gift for understanding the motives that drive people.

TEXAS DESTINY was originally released in 1997; however the Texas Series is no longer in print. You will have to scour the used bookstores to find a copy. Ms. Heath is an award winning romance novelist. Her current release, AN INVITATION TO SEDUCTION, is due out May 2004.

May 2004 Review


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