David Baldacci






Pan Macmillan. This edition published Nov 2007
Reviewed by Sunnie Gill

Jerry Bagger, ruthless Casino boss, has just been conned out of forty-five million dollars by Annabelle Conroy. To say he's not happy would be an understatement. In fact, Jerry is using his considerable resources to track down Annabelle - in order to kill her. He wants her to suffer. Annabelle's reasons for conning Jerry aren't just about the money. It's payback for destroying her family.

Annabelle's friend Oliver Stone (no relation and not his real name) is the head of a small group calling itself The Camel Club. Its purpose is unearth past government conspiracies and cover-ups in order to call those responsible to account. When Oliver discovers Annabelle is in danger, he rallies his friends in The Club to help.

Matters are complicated by form of Finn. Finn is a professional killer of the most dangerous kind. Outwardly a good, loving family man, Finn is exacting his own revenge for the past. And Finn has Stone in his sights.

Revenge is the central theme of David Baldacci's STONE COLD. Baldacci takes the reader on an action-packed ride through the world of spies, killers and the backrooms of power where during the Cold War many an illegal plot was hatched. Plots that if they come to light, could destroy careers.

I found STONE COLD to be a little one-note. There appears to be a closed circle of characters, each with reasons for wanting revenge on another, who in turn wanted revenge... etc, etc. I didn't find a great deal of character development. The one dimensional characters were introduced, ran about and did their thing but at no time did I feel I really knew any of them.

STONE COLD began well enough, but somewhere around the middle I felt the book lost some momentum. I think with plots like this there needs to be a surprise twist or two and unfortunately STONE COLD didn't really contain any.

Dec 2007 review originally published on Murder & Mayhem


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