Fiona Hood-Stewart






Mira May 2004
Reviewer Sissy Jacobson

Contemporary Romantic Suspense

When Elm Hathaway McBride finally gathers the courage to confront her philandering husband, Congressman Harlan McBride, about his latest affair, he doesn’t deny it. Disgusted with herself for having turned a blind eye to his unfaithfulness during their entire marriage, Elm leaves their Savannah home and nurses her wounds at the plantation she inherited from her family. After a week, Elm is angry enough to finally act. She packs her clothes, starts the wheels in motion for a divorce, and flees to Switzerland.

John Fitzgerald, Viscount Graney, is vacationing in Switzerland with his family and his teenage son. His young wife died when their son was a baby, and no one has been able to capture Johnny’s heart again until he meets Elm. It doesn’t matter that Elm is still married and Johnny is not interested in falling in love, they are still drawn to each other. Will Elm find the strength to go after what she wants for a change? Will Johnny finally let go of the past and take a chance on love again?

SOUTHERN BELLE by Fiona Hood-Stewart is set in the world of wealth, glamour, and politics. Elm McBride, the daughter of popular Senator Hathaway, has always been a people pleaser, careful not to rock the boat in a way that would bring gossip down on her father and her husband. Her father likes his son-in-law is and grooming him as a future presidential candidate. However, with her life in mortal danger, Elm has to make some tough decisions for the first time ever. Johnny Graney has buried himself at his family seat in Ireland where he raises world famous race horses. Can he bury his memories and accept his love for Elm?

SOUTHERN BELLE is a nail-biting romantic suspense novel. Elm is caught in a web of deceit spun by her husband. Her life is at stake and she is powerless to do anything to save herself. Will Johnny wake up in time to save her? This is my first book by Fiona Hood-Stewart, but won’t be my last. It is a love story along with a first rate suspense that keeps you holding your breath until the final page. The characters are realistic as is the dialogue, and the plot is unique. I readily recommend SOUTHERN BELLE, especially if you have never read anything by this author.

July 2004


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