Mary Balogh





Dell, April 2004
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Regency Romance

Lady Morgan Bedwyn accompanies her friend, Lady Rosamund, and her parents, the Earl and Countess of Craddick, to Brussels. Lady Morgan's brother Alleyne is attached to the embassy at The Hague, and the city is alive with talk of war with Bonaparte. Lady Morgan and her hosts find the atmosphere stirring with grand parties for the soldiers and political tensions. Since her brother is nearby, Morgan is confident they will have plenty of warning to evacuate to England if the need arises. And the English Army is so spectacular no one believes there is anything to fear, beyond the attention of a notorious rake like the Earl of Rosthorn.

Gervase Ashford, Earl of Rosthorn, discovers an opportunity for mischief with the beautiful sister of the man who caused his exile from England nine years ago. When Ashford gains an introduction to Lady Morgan, he begins a campaign to seduce her in order to get revenge on Wulfric Bedwyn. Ashford is a practiced rake, but Morgan is smart enough to avoid his traps until they become caught up in a city under siege, overrun by fighting and injured soldiers from the Battle of Waterloo. Now cut off from her family and chaperones, Morgan and Gervase discover a dangerous attraction to each other. But where will this lead when she finds out about his true motives?

SLIGHTLY TEMPTED is the fourth release in the Bedwyn Series. Lady Morgan is the sharply intelligent eighteen year old sister of the Duke of Bewcastle. Gervase Ashford is an old enemy. SLIGHTLY TEMPTED is a pivotal book in this series, in my opinion. This installment sets up events that will explain a few things about the mysterious Duke, Wulfic Bedwyn, soon to be featured in Balogh's first hardcover release, entitled SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS, and launches the drama that puts their brother Alleyne at risk. Alleyne Bedwyn, a diplomat whose fate remains uncertain, is the subject of SLIGHTLY SINFUL, a May 2004 release.

Ms. Balogh has done an outstanding job capturing the historical details and atmosphere prior to the Battle of Waterloo. Seeing and experiencing events through the eyes of this fascinating couple creates an appealing suspense. With a few interesting twists, the author turns the tables nicely on these two characters. However this isn't a flawless tale. A couple of scenes stretched credibility, and the second half of the novel wasn't equal to the first. Despite these flaws, SLIGHTLY TEMPTED is highly entertaining. Mary Balogh continues to outdo herself with this amazing series.

May 2004 Review


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