Olga Bicos





Mira, October 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Holly Fairfield, architect, has accepted the dream job that could make or break her career. This job is exactly what she needs to make a come back following a nasty divorce and the bankruptcy of her Seattle architectural firm. Invited to San Francisco by Daniel East to renovate and transform the stately old Cutty House into a chic restaurant, she discovers there are mysterious reasons she was selected for this job.

Ryan Cutty, firstborn son of Vanessa and Samuel Cutty, has turned his back on Cutty House and the nightmarish memories it holds for him. Ryan has avoided his home, until his cousin Daniel is given control to turn it into a trendy new restaurant, the East Side Cafe. The night of the glamorous PR party given to announce their plans, and introduce Holly to San Francisco society, the prodigal son returns home. Twelve years ago Ryan's fiancee, Nina, was killed, and he became a suspect in her death. When Ryan sees Holly Fairfield it brings back all his buried pain and he realizes she was chosen for this job with him in mind.

Daniel East has taken everything that belonged to Ryan. Vanessa and Samuel Cutty have given Daniel their affection and control of Ryan's home. But he has plans to have it all, and Holly is the key to his plans.

SHATTERED by Olga Bicos is an intriguing novel featuring San Francisco's social elite. Filled with trendy references and designer labels, this story will take you on a suspenseful journey into the world of high society and the glamour of the Nob Hill set. This book is a slow starter and takes a number of chapters to disclose the issues that are at stake for these characters, but the ending is quite good. Well written, the author captures the foggy atmosphere of the city and spins a skillful tale of mystery, long buried secrets, and murder.

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