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Springboard Press, October 2006
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

No doubt about it, Sharon Osbourne is a very interesting woman. She says she titled her autobiography "EXTREME" because she has experienced so many extreme periods in her life. Her life proves the adage, "truth is stranger than fiction." She has lived many lives and openly tells readers about all of them.

She grew up in London, the daughter of Henry Levy, aka Don Arden, a Jewish singer turned notorious mob concert promoter and manager. Her father could be a violent and dangerous man. Sharon says of him, "The last thing anyone in the world should do is threaten me. Because I don't take threats well. I was weaned by the King of Threats. And not only threats; somebody that would actually carry out threats. So for people to get heavy with me it's like, you have no fucking idea who you are dealing with. Because I would bite your fucking head off and stick it up your arse. Nobody can frighten me."

Her childhood shaped her into the woman who could survive being married to a hard-core heavy metal rock star. Sharon met Ozzy Osbourne while working with her father. Ozzy was married and touring with the rock group Black Sabbath. Their relationship had a troubled start yet Sharon not only became Ozzy's wife, but managed his career as a solo artist.

EXTREME follows Sharon's life through her battles with weight and treatment for cancer. She talks honestly about Ozzy's drug addiction and abuse. She reveals her behind-the-scenes experiences during the filming of the reality show The Osbournes for MTV, and her television career as host of The Sharon Osbourne Show, and as judge for Simon Cowell's X-Factor, broadcast in the UK.

For those who think they know Sharon Osbourne from tabloids and celebrity news, EXTREME shows there is more substance to this woman than at first glance. She has lived a unique life. Her writing style is revealing, raw and sometimes crude yet her voice and personality clearly comes through. Love her or hate her, her story is a compelling and fascinating read.

April 2007


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