Rachel Gibson





Avon, February 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Jane Alcott, feature writer for the Seattle Times, is also known for her monthly column, "Single Girl in the City". Jane is temporarily assigned to cover the Seattle Chinooks hockey team, as replacement for their sports-beat reporter on extended sick leave. At first glance, Jane is an unlikely choice, but the team owner thinks she could help fill the arena by attracting more female fans to the games. Her ability as the new sport reporter is hindered by her lack of knowledge about hockey and the fact that the players themselves are extremely superstitious.

Especially the Chinook's goalie Luc Martineau. News coverage of Luc's love life, knee problems and treatment for addiction to pain killers have made him cautious of reporters. He never grants interviews and doesn't want any reporters following him around. Luc finds Jane particularly annoying because she has a smart mouth, doesn't wear any make-up and dresses in shapeless black clothes. Why would a man who normally dates the tall Barbie doll type be fascinated by the Queen of Doom and Gloom? But Jane isn't all she appears to be: her alter ego is the main character in The Life of Honey Pie, an erotic series she writes anonymously for HIM magazine. The series is wildly popular with the male readers.

Riled by the taunts and hazing she receives from team members, Jane undergoes a head to toe makeover for a sports banquet at the Space Needle. When she arrives in a backless red dress and three inch heels, she causes Luc Martineau to rethink all the nasty remarks and provoking names he's thrown at her. Jane knows it's a bad idea to get involved with someone like Luc, and Luc knows letting down his guard with a reporter is the last thing he should do, but their chemistry is magical.

Rachel Gibson scores big with this novel. She is already well on her way to joining the list of top romance authors. A master of hilarious scenes with quick, crisp dialogue, her characters, Luc and Jane, are totally lovable in all of their stubbornness and vulnerability. This novel is a keeper for contemporary fans. SEE JANE SCORE is a stand-alone tale that is a spin off from another Chinook hockey player novel, SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE.


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