Weta Nichols





Echelon Press, October 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Ally Garretson, a young widow living alone in the Wyoming Territory, aids a handsome stranger who lands on her doorstep one night during a blizzard, suffering from frostbite and riding a lame horse. Now she is obliged to take care of him, on top of having to run her ranch alone. Since her husband Jake drowned during a flood last spring, Ally has become a lonely and overworked woman. Cautious towards men because of her troubled marriage, the presence of this handsome stranger stirs up dangerous emotions.

Wes Maclure seeks shelter in a remote cabin on a cold winter night and finds a beautiful woman to help him. Nearly frozen, he is forced to depend on her hospitality until his frostbitten feet are healed. There is the promise of a job waiting in Montana, but when Wes gets back on his feet he can't seem to walk away from the prickly, worn out woman trying to hold her ranch together all alone. When trouble strikes he knows he can't up and leave, but will Ally ever trust another man enough to open her heart?

SECOND CHANCES is a great cabin romance, perfect for a long uninterrupted afternoon of reading. Sparks fly between these two characters when Ally's isolated existence is torn open by a helpless and sexy drifter. There is a tough side to Ally, and Wes possesses the gruff determination to force her to deal with emotions she is unwilling to face. Ms. Nichols had created two real and likable characters with her clean and easy writing style. The passionate relationship is well written, including an interesting spin on the game of dominoes. The warmth of SECOND CHANCES will stay with you long after you've finished reading.

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