Ian Rankin






Orion Publishing, August 2006
Reviewed by Sally Roddom

In REBUS'S SCOTLAND, Ian Rankin reveals the Scotland that is rarely seen by tourists, and can only be guessed at by fans of his Inspector Rebus novels. Rankin takes readers into the places that inspired the settings for the Rebus novels and reveals the story of Rebus, how he came into being, who he is, and what his Scotland is like. REBUS'S SCOTLAND also explores Rankinís own life; and explains that so much of his childhood, and life experiences, are captured in the Rebus novels. His pet tortoise, first car crash and the assorted relatives all appear in the books. Rankin also spells out which Rebus plots are not parts of Rankinís private life.

Using large quantities of extracts from his various books, nothing is left out in order to get his point of view across. Rankin discusses music, sport, politics, religious bigotry and pub culture. Rankin explains how his work evolved, how he came to use real places rather than the fictional places he originally planned. He also exposes the personal inspiration for various plots.

Accompanying the memoir are over 100 evocative photographs, taken by the same duo of Tricia Malley and Ross Gillespie who take the cover photos for the Rebus novels. They are moody, cold and haunting and make great impact by emphasising the mood of Rebusís Scotland. They are a perfect background for the book.

For those readers who enjoy discovering rather more about their favourite authors than is available in their fiction, this coffee table book, REBUSíS SCOTLAND, will prove a welcome addition.

Aug 2006 review originally published on Murder & Mayhem


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