Sandi Haddad





Amber Quill Press, June 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Kim Ford, fresh out of college with a business degree, buys into a new venture in a small Florida Ranch. Kim's parents have their doubts about her decision to invest her trust fund in a trail riding business, but ever since her English riding lessons as a young girl she has longed to work with horses. With fresh ideas to advertise and improve the way things are run, Kim challenges her handsome, hard bitten, partner J.D. Hudson from the get go.

J.D. Hudson left college in his senior year just shy of graduation because of a bad breakup with a city girl. When his father passed away, J.D. eventually returned to the Triple H Ranch to take over the business. Hard times and a need for an infusion of cash forced him to take on a new partner. He figures when she finds out what the work is really like she'll back off, but Kim's improvements actually make a big difference. New business isn't the only attraction at the Triple H Ranch; Kim proves to be a distraction to J.D.'s cold heart as well.

RAWHIDE AND LACE is a sweet, modern day western romance. Picture your favorite stereotypical western characters, add a bit of romance, put them in a modern setting and you have ranchers with business and animal husbandry degrees. J.D. buries himself in work, spending long hours trying to save the family ranch while his brother, Ben, finishes college. Kim is still running from an unpleasant dating issue she has yet to work through. They both find themselves unprepared for the feelings they stir in each other. Well written, the romantic relationship between these two unfolds in a light and easy style. Ms. Haddad has woven her knowledge of horses, ranching and business into the story to give it a feel of authenticity. Fans of modern western romance will want to check out Sandi Haddad's latest book.

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