Brian Haig






Warner Books, October 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Major Sean Drummond, an Army JAG lawyer, is on loan from the military to work in the private sector for Culper, Hutch and Westin, a high-profile DC law firm. His first assignment is a case involving a billion dollar telecommunications company that has a contract with the Pentagon. Sean sets up a meeting for drinks with his predecessor at the firm, fellow JAG lawyer Lisa Morrow. He wants to find out what she knows about his new bosses, but she is brutally killed in the parking lot of the Pentagon before their meeting.

Sean was secretly interested in Lisa, but never acted on the attraction. Balancing his new job and caseload, Sean goes to Boston to personally notify Lisa's family of her death. Soon after, Lisa's sister, Boston DA Janet Morrow, takes a leave of absence to come to DC to make sure the investigator, CID Chief Warrant Officer Dan Spinelli, will find Lisa's killer. Spinelli is thinking it is a simple robbery and murder, but Janet begins to have doubts and seeks Sean's help in finding the killer on her own. Meanwhile more women are slaughtered by someone using the same modus operandi, and it becomes apparent a serial killer is on the loose. Sean and Janet discover a connection to Lisa's work at the firm and end up in a desperate race to uncover the motive for Lisa's murder and to catch her killer.

PRIVATE SECTOR is an exciting thriller featuring a remarkable, larger than life character who leaps from the page. Sean Drummond is a sharply intelligent, wisecracking attorney who frequently gets himself into trouble... "my past was lining up to be a prologue to the future." He has a few 'authority issues' and doesn't always play well with others. Written with Drummond as the narrator, it places readers in the head of this entertaining and dynamic character. He has taken on corporate greed, money laundering and intelligence gathering agencies in this powerful tale.

The narration is interspersed with short snatches from the serial killer's viewpoint, which adds a chilling twist. Fast paced and cleverly plotted, it grows in complexity as the story takes readers on an intense ride from DC to Boston. It also features a light romantic interest between Sean and Janet.

PRIVATE SECTOR is Haig's fourth title featuring Major Sean Drummond. Brian Haig's first foray into fiction began with SECRET SANCTION (Jun 2001) , followed by MORTAL ALLIES (MAY 2002) and THE KINGMAKER (Jan 2003). A West Point graduate and military strategist, he served as special assistant to the Chairman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff before retiring and turning to writing. He is the son of former Secretary of State Alexander Haig.

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