Joseph Finder






St Martinís Press, August 2007
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

POWER PLAY is Joseph Finderís new corporate thriller. Jake Landry is a junior level executive for Hammond Aerospace. Heís been invited to the companyís executive retreat at a small secluded fishing lodge. Itís an annual trip where the top level leaders of the company go offsite to bond and do some team building exercises without their cell phone or blackberries. Landry is a last minute fill-in for his boss who is on a special assignment. The weekend throws him into the mix with true corporate sharks, all circling the new CEO, Cheryl Tobin.

Landry is swiftly initiated into the treacherous undercurrents brewing among them on the luxurious corporate flight to the exclusive King Chinook Lodge in British Columbia. His former girl friend Ali Hillman is Tobinís new administrative assistant. Heís still half in love with Ali and suspects sheís the reason heís been invited on the trip. When Tobin the CEO asks him to be her secret eyes and ears, reporting back to her on the executives, his suspicions are confirmed.

During their first dinner at the lodge all the guests and hotel staff are taken hostage. At first the hostage takers appear to be a band of rogue hunters, but Landry and the others soon realize they know way too much about the Hammond Aerospace executives for this to be a random kidnapping. Landry might have been a last minute replacement but he could be the only one capable of getting these pampered executives out of this ordeal alive.

POWER PLAY is a fast paced thrill ride with one stunning development after another. Joseph Finder has created a rich character in Jake Landry and he reveals why heís wired the way he is from the first pages. Landry can be a difficult fit; his sharp wit often rubs others the wrong way. His flawed personality makes him all the more human, especially in a room full of arrogant and violent men.

I love a story where a great character, a smart plot, and a life or death situation develop to stir things up and POWER PLAY has it all. Finder takes the design and manufacturing of aviation and makes it interesting and believable for readers, blending it into the plot with a smoothness that will quickly give you a grasp of the industry. This isnít the first time Finder has used the corporate world as a backdrop for drama -- COMPANY MAN (2005) and KILLER INSTINCT (2006) are also corporate based thrillers. Joseph Finder is an outstanding writer and anything by him will be on my list of not-to-be-missed books.

August 2007


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