Cornelia Amiri





Awe-Struck E-Books, March 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

England 756 AD

Prince Blaise of Powys is wounded in battle and taken hostage by Saxon King Aethelbald. The Saxon King commands his guards to tie the wounded prince to the hearth with the hounds. Aethelbald believes his contemptuous treatment will force Elisedd ap Gwylog, King of Powys, to come crawling to Mercia to rescue his son. But Aethelbald's beautiful and compassionate daughter Ricole defies her fathers' orders and tends the wounds of the Powys Prince.

Later, when Prince Blaise finds an opportunity to escape, he is caught by Ricole. The Princess promises not to raise the alarm if he will help her flee to her sister Judith in Caledonia, because her father has betrothed her to Cuthred the Barbarian. Once they escape, Blaise deceives Ricole and takes her to his home in Wales instead. The tables turn and Princess Ricole ends up as a hostage to the Celtic King. The new kingdom agrees with Ricole. One night she has a dream in which the god of Bran sends her on a quest to find the magic sword of Nuada. If she succeeds she is promised happiness and a future at Dinas Bran.

ONE HEART, ONE WAY is a fanciful tale of ancient times. The story is filled with princes, peasants, druids and magic. While the book has some intriguing plot points and authentic touches of historical detail the lovers never make the transition into real people for me. Part of my disappointment with this book is these characters had no chemistry and the lack of emotion makes these characters seem less than they should be. The romantic plot is thin and the love scene is classic purple prose. Ms Amiri shows some talent in imagination but the characterization and emotional element are lacking.

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