Jane Stanton Hitchcock






Allen & Unwin January 2006
Reviewed by Sally Roddom

Jo Slater has returned triumphantly to the top of the tree in New York’s high society. After the events in SOCIAL CRIMES, Jo is now in Barbados to attend the wedding of her best friend’s daughter. Instead of being the society wedding of the year, it becomes a scandal as the monsoon arrives just as the bride does, and one of the guests goes missing. Russell Cole, a billionaire art collector with a psychiatric history, disappears off his yacht. Jo starts to puzzle over the increasingly suspect behaviour of Russell’s much-younger second wife, Carla. On their return to New York, Carla takes the much coveted position as reigning queen of New York society from Jo. Trouble is, everyone who stands in Carla’s way either has a bad accident or dies. To pull Jo into line, Carla implies that she knows Jo’s secrets. Jo decides to investigate Carla and find out the truth behind Russell’s disappearance, and Carla’s role in it.

ONE DANGEROUS LADY has plenty of social intrigue, murder, mayhem, and obsession to keep you captivated, spiced up with lots of humour. Not all of the characters from the first book return, but there are enough to give you the feeling you are back among friends. I felt that this book lacked something when compared to SOCIAL CRIMES, but was still an intriguing read that kept me glued until all was resolved. The book is well written and fast paced, and I will definitely read more by the author, Jane Stanton Hitchcock.

April 2006 Review, original version published on Murder and Mayhem


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