Helen R. Myers





MIRA, May 2003
Review by Sissy Jacobson

After serving six years of a life sentence for a murder she didnít commit, metal artist Bay Butler is suddenly released from prison with her records expunged. She is unaware that a powerful client has been working tirelessly to find the real murderer of Bayís closest friend and partner, Glenn English. On the day of her release, a Lincoln Town car is waiting to chauffeur her back to Tyler, Texas. It seems Miss Bonnie Bay Butler is going to be able to thank her benefactress sooner than expected. At this point, Bay has no idea how entwined her life is about to become with the wealthy, powerful Madeline Ridgeway and her son, Duncan.

Every day of the six years Bay has spent in prison has left its mark on Jack Burkeís face. A detective with the Tyler P.D., Jack was the arresting officer that terrifying night. Even though he grilled her unmercifully, he never believed Bay committed the murder. Jack is still troubled by unanswered questions: who really killed Glenn English, and why was Bay convicted on circumstantial evidence? Jack is still quietly gathering and piecing together facts in the hope of finding out what really happened. But Bay wants nothing to do with him. Seeing Jack as the enemy, she rudely avoids him until she discovers someone is stalking her, and finds evidence that her home is being entered when she is away. Bayís fears, plus their mutual need for answers, drive Bay and Jack to form an alliance. Together they begin to uncover deadly secrets that point toward crime and corruption in high places. With both their lives in danger, Bay learns there is NO SANCTUARY except in the arms of Jack Burke.

NO SANCTUARY is a complex tale of drugs, murder, and greed hiding behind the cover of the largest church in the East Texas area. With a membership comprised of some of the wealthiest, most influential citizens in the state, no one thinks to question what really goes on behind the scenes of this very successful front. Lead by the powerful Madeline Ridgeway and the distinguished pastor, Martin Davis, Mission of Mercy is purported to be the headquarters of a worldwide ministry, but is it? Do pictures lie?

Ms. Myers has done an excellent job with the creation of the main characters, the dialogue, and setting of this "light on romance" suspense thriller. However, I found the storyline weak and difficult to follow where, from time to time, it appears to lose its direction. The ending seems rushed, with a glossed over vagueness that leaves the reader to fill in the blanks.


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