Candace Camp






Mira, October 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Lady Olivia Moreland, Investigator of Psychic Phenomena, has her very own store front business, exposing the fake tricks used by mediums to dupe London society. Daughter of the Duke of Broughton, from a family known as "the mad Morelands," Lady Olivia was raised to follow her own intellectual path, however eccentric it may be.

Lord St. Leger hires Lady Olivia to expose a Russian medium, Madame Valenskaya. The woman has bilked his mother out of expensive jewels and preyed upon her grief over the death of her firstborn. Lady Olivia agrees to come to Blackhope Hall as Stephen, Lord St. Leger's guest to investigate the psychic's claims of contacting Roderick, his departed brother. But something strange is going on. Lady Olivia is having flashes of Medieval visions she doesn't fully understand. And Lord St. Leger is having strange dreams of battles and a woman that caused his heart to "hurt with love - and fear".

Stephen and Olivia awaken an ominous presence that causes strange occurrences when they come together in Blackhope Hall. They cannot escape the feeling they have known each other before nor the attraction they feel for each other now.

MESMERIZED is the kind of book that keeps book lovers reading long into the night. You never know when you are going to find an absolute gem. I truly enjoyed this tale. All the quirky personalities were made believable by the author's well drawn characters. The Morelands are delightful and I hope to read more stories of "the mad Moreland" family. You will savor every moment of this unusual tale.

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