Julian May






Third in the Galactic Milieu Trilogy
Ballantine Books, Reissue 1997
Reviewed by Joy Calderwood

Science Fiction

Fury, the mental monster hiding among the Remillard Clan, has been rousted out and forced to run. His vulnerabilities are dangerously exposed. But from his new identity, his determination remains the same. He will overturn the Galactic Milieu and rule a new empire, one in which every human being is his absolute tool, dependent on him. He has enticed a new helper, one of the most powerful he could hope for.

Marc Remillard’s quest for absolute control of himself has been nearly fulfilled by the development of the CE rig, a full-body armor which freezes the wearer’s body and leaves the mind operating unencumbered and amplified. The only way to surpass the power and control of Marc wearing a CE rig is the concept known as Mental Man. Mental Man is Marc’s secret project. He has forgotten that it was suggested to him in his dreams by Fury.

When Mental Man is flatly rejected by the Milieu government, Marc accepts the leadership of the Rebels so that he will be able to command help with his Mental Man scheme. Few other Rebels care about Mental Man – they just want to be free to develop their own individuality, instead of being guided by aliens. They have put themselves into the hands of a leader with an appalling agenda, who doesn’t know he has Fury as a collaborator.

Even Marc Remillard has a vulnerability. He has finally, fatedly, fallen in love. His bride Cyndia is uncomfortable with the Mental Man scheme, but she loves Marc so much she supports him throughout the whole disaster-ridden project – until the final straw.

Uncle Rogi, the obscure elder of the Remillard Clan, is again a pivotal factor behind the scenes. Helped by someone with special sources of knowledge, Rogi is there to support Cyndia as she makes the hardest decision of her life. He has been privy to secrets of Marc and Cyndia’s passionate marriage, and he knows what kinds of conflicts Marc is facing even better than Marc does. Rogi is the authority on Fury.

MAGNIFICAT is the culmination of the nine-book series set in the universe of the Galactic Milieu, with its final confrontation between Marc, his brother Jack the Bodiless, and Illusio Diamond Mask. In a transcendent moment, humanity’s future is decided. Marc and a small band of his supporters escape into the Pliocene era – as they must, because they also decide humanity’s future.

Are you confused about the time line? The Saga of Pliocene Exile was written first, and should be read first. Throughout the series, the gradual unveiling of the most influential characters is beautifully judged. Pliocene Exile and Intervention provide background understanding, adding “Ohhhhh!” moments of revelation for readers of the Galactic Milieu Trilogy.

When author Julian May created the Galactic Milieu, she created one of those universes which take on life, and exist parallel to our own. The concept of a community of minds with special powers for good answers many of our fondest dreams. The mental abilities that seem, for most of us, to lie out of our reach are freed and sent into the arena, to aim for the best we can achieve. Every character in the series provides another dimension of the human condition. Most of us will find ourselves described there.

All nine Galactic Milieu books are classics. They should never be out of print. Hear that, publishers? They should never be out of print! But in the meantime, readers can find every book in the series on Amazon and other internet or real-life booksellers. Enrich your life by reading them.

Jan 2006 Review


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