Second in My Book of Life: A Companion Piece
Foundation Love, Feb 2006
Reviewed by Joy Calderwood

Meditation Chapbook

LITTLE PIECES OF HEAVEN is meant to keep Christians company through their days. It offers short sayings to get people thinking about the best way to handle life when they get into trouble, and to provide the seed for a meditation period each day. Author Oluwadahunsi doesn’t guide readers through their meditations, he simply presents one-liners, point after point. One can guess from his sayings that he wants each reader to do his own thinking, not follow another’s lead.

The first saying hits hard on Oluwadahunsi’s basic theme:

1. Love is always good.

He repeats the call for love over and over throughout the book. That doesn’t mean his sayings are always loving:

23. Holier than thou is only sillier than thou.
35. Don’t glorify the flesh. It means you love dirt.

His intention is to focus his readers on the spirit, on God, and away from a physical world of things, ambition, and strife. His feelings about education seem to be ambivalent, as if knowledge is a necessary step to take one beyond ignorance, but which must then be left behind.

75.  The throne of knowledge is a bone of contention for the soul.
329. Genius is a gift that prospers well in the head! Rarely so in the heart – it shrivels.

There is no room for individualization in Oluwadahunsi’s view of the life in God:

27. Dancing to your own tune only leads you dancing down the garden path to trouble.

I found a broad spectrum among the several hundred sayings in this little book. Some are penetrating, some are widely recognized as truths, some have value only for the word play, some are thoroughly obscure. Others are questionable at best. Examples:

53. Look before you weep. Your prayers have been answered. Look in the right places.
521. It is easier to reach a person if they know they are loved.
452. If you say “Lord, Lord, please make me whole!” the Lord will make you hole, hole and hole, full of holes through which to pass his true love that’ll make you wholly holy whole.
166. A foolish street didn’t start yesterday.
93. Beware of short cuts! They are often Satan’s way to cut you short, cut you off, cut you down and cut you up.

As an example, I meditated briefly on one of the points where the word game took over and distorted the meaning:

487. If the shepherd weighs more than his flock, the field slopes.

“Hm,” I thought. “Clearly he is saying the pastor shouldn’t be more important than his flock. This is a valid point. A pastor is there to minister to his congregation, not to enjoy strokes to his ego. The goal of the speaker in the pulpit is to help his people bring out the best in themselves and each other. The title of ‘Reverend’ is only as good as the bearer’s heart. But what is wrong with a sloping field? I grew up surrounded by farms on hills.”

The more I read, the more I pictured the author as the pastor of a non-affiliated, charismatic church. Pacing up and down, he cries out his more penetrating sayings to the crowd. Listeners turn and nod to each other when they hear:

69. He who carries the load of the past just doesn’t leave room for the blessings of today.
382. A land full of riches is empty if spiritually bereft.

They continue to be swept along by the initial enthusiasm when they hear:

429. Beware the forest calling itself a garden.

and rise cheering to their feet with:

191. Flesh is Satan! Flesh is sin! Flesh is death!
136. Be wise! Get wise! Get Christ! Now you’re wiser!

A thoroughly warmed up crowd, one that isn’t really listening, would even cheer for

448. If you’re dying, you don’t know how to live.
130. All roads lead broadly to where no one should go.

But the sense of these things doesn’t matter much if an uplifted crowd pours out the door afterwards, eager to love God and their fellow man. Or -- because this is a book instead of a revival sermon – if a solitary reader finds unfamiliar places in his heart opened to love, peace, and a desire to do better. Oluwadahunsi leaves that up to the reader and God.

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February 2006 Review


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