Christina Dodd






Mira 2003
Reviewed by Sissy Jacobson

Contemporary Romance

Hope Prescott was sixteen when her parents were killed in a suspicious automobile accident. Hope, her two sisters, and one brother were separated and sent to different foster homes. Hope ended up in Boston, where she is working as an operator at one of the very few remaining answering services while going to college. She plans to get her degree, make lots of money, and use it to search for her siblings.

Zachariah Givens, a wealthy businessman, hates technology. When his secretary goes on vacation, she hires an answering service to take his calls. The first time Hope answers his call for his messages, she mistakes him for his butler, Griswald. When ‘Griswald’ has a cold, Hope takes over homemade chicken soup and meets him face to face for the first time. Thus begins a flirtation that could lead to romance and love for this cold hearted bachelor and the answering service operator who is determined that nothing will sidetrack her from her goal of finding her siblings.

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is a fairy tale, pure and simple. A Cinderella story with the feel of a Regency historical plopped down in a contemporary setting. When Hope gets in trouble with the ‘mob’, an unlikely band of rescuers come to her aide. Everything about this story is highly improbable, but if you will suspend reality and just enjoy, you’ll find humor, love, and one night of passion hot enough to cause steam to rise from the pages.

This is the only offering I have read by Christina Dodd. I found it shallow, so farfetched it’s impossible to imagine, but oh so entertaining. I couldn’t make a steady diet of a book like this, but for one reading, it was an escape in the uttermost sense.


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