Diann Hunt






WestBow Press, November 2005
Reviewed by Susan Conatser 
Maggie Hayden is having a mid life crisis. It begins when a former classmate Debra Stiffler, who looks fabulous, fails to recognize her. She's soon to be fifty, hormonal and losing her confidence. She even begins to feel her husband Gordon may be losing interest in her because he is working long hours. Their two grown children are moving on with their lives and when they call to tell her they won't be coming home for the holiday, Maggie hits a new low.
Gordon does have a secret and Maggie's gut instinct says it involves the attractive paralegal he's working with, but she has some surprises in store. Maggie's struggle leads her to seek God's help. Along the way she discovers Gordon's surprise and her true worth.
Diann Hunt uses her wit to highlight common experiences for aging women today: loss of youth, insecurity about appearance, and changing relationships. The pressure to stay young and look fabulous are humorously expressed in Maggie's mid life crisis. The message of this story and Maggie's journey is relevant and important. This is a perfect read for those looking for a light-hearted, humorous tale for "women of a certain age."
January 2006


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