Melissa McCann






Awe-Struck E-Books, Feb 2005
Reviewed by Joy Calderwood
Regency Romance
Vicarís daughter Honoria Spencer has three choices in life. She can remain unmarried and keep house for her parents. She can give in to the importunities of the objectionable George Whitham and marry him. Or she can allow her bossy sister Prudence to herd her into life as companion to a cranky old lady. The arrival of young bachelor Roland Carstairs, with his money and his honeyed tongue, seems to open up more pleasant possibilities.
Every marriageable young woman in the county has her sights set on Mr. Carstairs, but Honoria has connections. Carstairsí advisor, Mr. Bowes, believes Honoria is the right wife to finish the job of turning Mr. Carstairs into a gentleman. With Mr. Bowes managing opportunities for her behind the scenes, Honoria makes great progress in spite of the competition.
Of course, the reader knows immediately what Honoria ought to do, but Honoria has to find out for herself. It would be a shame to miss out on that path to discovery. HONORIA is so funny my walls were ringing with laughter as I read. The silliness and stratagems in the Spencer household, the sniping wars with the vain, confused Louise Allenby, the determinedly well-meaning activities revolving around Mrs. Spencerís charity work, all tickle the readerís funnybone over and over.
The only reason I can think of why HONORIA is an ebook instead of being displayed on bookseller shelves is that it is not considered politically correct to poke fun at charity work. Politically correct or not, Mrs. Spencer and her charges are a constant source of amusement. HONORIA is exactly as a Regency romance should be, a comedy of manners that kept me running the range from giggles to roars. The satire is wicked, the tangle of romances even more tangled than usual, the resolution as satisfying as one could imagine. Once again, author Melissa McCann is a strong candidate for my Favorite Read List.
February 2005 Review


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