Delle Jacobs






Awe-Struck E-Books, Oct 2006
Reviewed by Joy Calderwood

Regency Romance

Rarely does a Regency hero get such an electrifying entrance as Lucas Deverall does when he is introduced to his wife. Rarely is a heroine so horrified to greet the man she loves. Rarely is a glittering room full of attentive nobility treated to such a titillating homecoming, sure to set the tone of drawing room chatter for the next several weeks.

Lucas’s final order to his wife Sophie, before he left for the War, was to be anywhere but where he was. He bitterly regrets his flaming words now that he has inherited the family title and an estate on the verge of bankruptcy. In the intervening years his scheming little waif of a wife has become a beauty – and more to the point, a rich wife with full control of her own fortune. Sophie’s money is Lucas’ only hope for saving his lands.

Sophie knows all about Lucas’ legendary charm, and why it is suddenly being focused on her. She finds it intolerable that most of her friends seem intent on bringing her and Lucas together. To save herself, she may have to become the scheming creature Lucas believes she is.

Sophie and Lucas, merciless but mutually mesmerized, strike sparks with the first ballroom scene and never let up. Piled on top of Sophie’s nightmarish childhood and Lucas’ corrupt youth, is the final insult of their rushed marriage. Any foundation they might have built on is as riddled with holes as the Deverall family manor. As we get to know each of them, we join the ranks of those who want to see them together, but how can they possibly get past their mutual suspicion? We know how much each has to hide.

Lots of Regency romances are filled with fireworks and secrets, but few of them are so much fun. Bright, sharp imagery, fresh interchanges, friends with layered personalities, provide a rich setting for Sophie and Lucas to really discover each other for the first time.

Delle Jacobs is the only author to have won three Golden Hearts, and HIS MAJESTY, THE PRINCE OF TOADS was one of them.

Oct 2006


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