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A Harmony Book
Jove, June 2006
Reviewed by Joy Calderwood

The planet of Harmony. Science fiction, mystery, romance

For Elly the last straw is the discovery that her fiancé Cooper Boone fought a duel with her former date Palmer Frazier – not over her but for business reasons. Elly has had it with men who court her because she is the daughter of a powerful Ghost Hunter Guild council member. That includes Cooper Boone, Boss of the Aurora Springs Guild – no matter how attractive she finds him.

Elly leaves Aurora Springs and sets up an herbalist shop in Cadence City. She relishes not having to keep up her family’s image. She has a knack with medicinal plants, and she makes friends with some of the loners who go underground to find ancient alien artifacts they can sell. The catacombs are mysterious and dangerous. It takes special psi abilities that Elly doesn’t have to get along there. Her friend Bertha has them, but Bertha suddenly disappears.

With perfect timing, Cooper appears in Cadence City “on a personal matter”. Cooper has the psi abilities needed underground – no green ghost will get to Elly if he is with her. But there are other dangers besides ghosts roaming the underground corridors. One of those dangers is a drug lord.

The Harmony books, of which GHOST HUNTER is the third, are written in a pattern, with a sizzling romantic couple facing sinister enemies in the catacombs. Elly and Cooper are engaging in their stubbornness. They set off sexual fireworks when they are together. The focus has shifted, though, because there is less emphasis on sex and more on the adventure. The adventure is fast paced and certainly strong enough to bear the burden.

Let me assure readers of the other Harmony books that there are pet dust bunnies in GHOST HUNTER. For readers who are meeting them for the first time, dust bunnies with their eyes closed look just like the balls of fluff you find under your bed. Elly has been chosen by Rose, a dust bunny with fashion sense. Rose has a personal agenda, which she carries out with purpose and loyalty. She is, as all companion dust bunnies are, worth reading the book for.

My reaction is that GHOST HUNTER is back up to the high standard of AFTER DARK, the first Harmony book. It may have to do with sexual suspense, with Elly and Cooper not knowing if they are going to be together. Sexual fireworks laced with humor equals fizz. Fizz is a trademark of author Jayne Castle aka Jayne Ann Krentz, and GHOST HUNTER is volatile. Go for it!

July 2006


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