Susan Andersen





Avon, March 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Zach Taylor returns to his Laguna Beach home for some much needed R & R after a military assignment in South America, to a find a Marilyn Monroe look-alike living in his house. His flighty, somewhat naive sister Glynnis is gone, and his new house guest isn't answering all of his questions to his satisfaction.

Le Cordon Bleu chef Lily Morrisette is on vacation from her job with a small cruise ship company, when her roommate's brother returns home. Zach's macho-man-I'm-in-charge-so-answer-my-questions-fast demeanor doesn't sit well with Lily. Reluctantly Lily tells Zach his sister has gone to Washington State to meet the parents of her new fiancÚ. He decides to track Glynnis down, just in case she's gotten herself into another situation that requires his handling.

Lily has helped Glynnis come into her own during their brief friendship, and she isn't about to let Zach's storm trooper tactics undo his sister's happiness. So Lily finds herself accompanying Zach on a road trip to Washington. Along the way the combustible chemistry between Lily and Zach ignites more than hot tempers. But can they count on each other when a kidnapping, death threats and a tangle of family secrets threatens their fragile relationship?

This novel has the feel of a prime time drama-action series. Big story, with danger and lives at stake, blended with volatile characters who are sexually attracted to each other. I didn't enjoy the bickering and arguing between Lily and Zach all that much, and I was uncomfortable with some of the raw sexual dialogue, but I stayed with the novel because Ms. Andersen is a good storyteller.  There were moments, like when Lily took over the kitchen at the fiancÚ's house and whipped up some fancy dishes while the household was in a near panic over the missing couple, that stretched the boundaries of believability. But again, it's a tribute to the ability of the author to spin a tall tale.

GETTING LUCKY is an edgy, fast paced, modern romance. The story has lots of funny moments but don't expect much of a reality based plot. This is my first time to read a novel by Susan Andersen and I think this book should come with a warning label. Warning: peppered with
haute cuisine, spicy loves scenes and lots of raw language.

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