Josie Litton





Bantam Books, July 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Gavin Hawkforte, heir of the Earl of Hawkforte, sails to a small uninhabited island near Akora to take geographical measurements. As the son of the Earl and a prince of the Atreides family that rules Akora the Fortress Kingdom, Gavin is torn between two worlds. His suspicion, that the long dormant volcano that destroyed Akora three thousand years earlier might be awakening, leads him to investigate the geological changes taking place. On the island of Deimatos, Gavin is surprised when he encounters a lovely woman, Persephone, who lives all alone on the island.

Persephone has lived her entire life in self-exiled seclusion on the island of Deimatos, with little outside contact. Her personal knowledge of the dramatic geological changes in the land and her self sufficient survival abilities are valuable and intriguing to Gavin. Persephone is different from any woman Gavin has ever known, and his feelings for her grow as they work together to discover the potential threat the volcano may bring to Akora. But Persephone carries even darker secrets which stand between her and a future with the powerful and magnetic prince.

FOUNTAIN OF SECRETS is the second novel of the new Fountain Trilogy by Ms.Litton. Gavin Hawkforte, son of the characters featured in KINGDOM OF MOONLIGHT, has grown to manhood and seeks to save his mother's homeland from a growing threat. Gavin is another version of the well loved warrior characters created for this historical series. However, Persephone, a mysterious and independent character, is never fully fleshed out. I would liked to have seen more of her personality developed. The recurring theme of the threatened destruction of the island of Akora is the drama that drives this novel. Fans of Josie Litton will enjoy this latest addition to the Akora Island fantasy.

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