Suzanne Brockmann





Mira, February 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Carter "Blue" McCoy, a Navy SEAL with Team Ten's Alpha Squad, returns to his home town of Hatsboro Creek, South Carolina to attend the wedding of his old high school sweetheart to his stepbrother. The night before the wedding, Blue and his stepbrother Gerry exchange heated words in front of a roomful of guests at the country club. When Gerry is found dead the next day, Blue becomes the prime suspect.

Lucy Tait, rookie police officer for Hatsboro Creek P.D., is assigned to the murder investigation. When Blue McCoy walks onto Lucy's radar as a suspect, he is even more impressive than the handsome upperclassman she remembers having a secret crush on in high school. Lucy is determined to ignore the heated looks and sexual attraction that passes between them, and keep her relationship strictly professional while she investigates the case. Suddenly, Lucy is fired from the police department and she uncovers suspicious information that link the police chief and others to Gerry's death. Now unemployed, can Lucy help Blue discover who is framing him for his stepbrother's murder? So far, she's only lost her job, but will she also lose her heart in the process?

FOREVER BLUE is a reissue and the second novel in an eleven book series originally published by Silhouette Intimate Moments in 1996. This novel was particularly interesting because during the course of Blue's tale, the reader learns the history of Team Ten and how they all originally came together in BUD/S-Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training. The hero, Blue McCoy, a team player separated from his team, is forced to depend on a woman to help him. This is an interesting emotional journey for an action-oriented character, and Ms. Brockmann has done a wonderful job portraying him. Lucy Tait is an honest, strong woman, who follows her heart but doesn't try to pretend she is not laying it all on the line for a man who could cost her everything.

I've really enjoyed the Navy SEAL series written by this author, although some titles were not readily available until MIRA recently began reissuing them. The next novel in the series, FRISCO'S KID, is due out in June. I highly recommend FOREVER BLUE and will be in line when the next book in the series comes out.


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