Catherine Palmer





Tyndale House, October 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Matt Strong, a sixteen year old whiz kid, is taken out of trigonometry class to meet with two Princeton University recruiters. When they take Matt on a little ride, and try to beat answers to their questions out of him, he realizes these are not college recruiters and his emails to Agrimax stirred up some big trouble. The term paper Matt was writing on ending world hunger sparked ideas that Agrimax, the world's largest food supplier, could remedy with their research and development. Somehow his email proposals brought these goons down on him instead. When Matt escapes his captors he turns to neighboring rancher, Jim Banyon, a retired vice-president of Agrimax. Mr. Banyon used his security password to access Agrimax data -- perhaps he can help him straighten things out. But when Matt finds Banyon with a fatal gunshot to the head, he fears he can't go home without bringing trouble down on his dad, his best friend Billy Younger, and his teacher, Jill Pruitt.

Since his wife's death eight years ago, Cole Strong has poured himself into building his New Mexico ranch. He's taken little time to get to know the young man his son Matt has become. Matt is a nerdy whiz kid who scored the highest marks ever recorded on the ACT at Artesia High School. Cole may have overlooked a lot of things where Matt is concerned, but when he discovers his son is in trouble he won't let him down again.

Miss Jill Pruitt never imagined when her school day began she would end up on a road trip with a handsome rancher, searching for one of her favorite students. But Cole Strong won't take no for an answer. He holds her responsible for tweaking Matt's interest in developing a means to feed the world's starving children, since she'd been involved as a short term missionary in famine relief work. Plus, as a computer science teacher, she is the only one who can access Matt's emails and search his computer for answers.

FATAL HARVEST is a fast paced, edgy thriller. Modern agricultural research and current technology serve as the catalyst for drama in this action adventure tale. The race to find Matt takes Cole Strong and Jill Pruitt on a journey that will test their faith and change their lives. The story premise poses plausible questions and concerns while the characters model faith values in action. Catherine Palmer, an award winning author of over thirty novels, is ranked among the best selling inspirational fiction writers. FATAL HARVEST is further proof of the talent that has taken her to the top.


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