Dorien Kelly





Harlequin Flipside #3, November 2003
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Cara Adams, a senior associate at the law firm of Saperstein, Underwood, Clark and Kielman, believes the Olympic gods are toying with her. One day she is on the fast track towards partnership at SUCK, when her mentor at the firm packs up overnight, and moves to a competing firm taking two major clients with him. Cara is left hung out to dry with the senior partners. Now they aren't sure if they can trust her with their clients. What's worse her law school nemesis, Mark Morgan, is brought on board, and given the big, new, empty office her back-stabbing mentor once occupied.

Mark "the Shark" Morgan moves home to Michigan to give emotional support to his mother, whose recovery from a stroke isn't going so well. The switch from a Wall Street firm to the prestigious hometown firm is sweetened by the possibility of working with Cara Adams again. But Cara isn't too happy to see him, and the sparks always ready to ignite between them are soon flying. Will their competitive relationship ruin a chance for romance, or will Cara and Mark follow their hearts?

Dorien Kelly has created an edgy, funny, fast paced romance for the new Harlequin Flipside Line. As a self professed "recovering attorney", Kelly knows first hand about life in the corporate legal world, and the authenticity of the setting comes through loud and clear. Snappy dialogue and smart mouthed zingers give this light hearted comedy an ultra contemporary attitude. This is a short book at only 218 pages. Chick Lit aficionados are going to love this series, and author Dorien Kelly.


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