Kerry Greenwood






Allen & Unwin, January 2006
Reviewed by Sally Roddom

Corinna Chapman gave up her stressful accounting lifestyle and power suits for triple X tracksuits and a 4:30 A.M. start every morning in her bakery Earthly Delights. When she is not cooking the most wonderful cakes, breads, and pastries, she is solving neighbourhood mysteries. Her aging parents, who live in a commune, disapprove of Corinna’s lifestyle, so there is no love lost between them and contact is virtually non-existent. Corinna’s peace is shattered when her mother, Starshine, turns up on the doorstep screeching that Corinna’s father has run away to the city taking all their money, and Corinna has to find him. Then there is a mysterious herbal tea concoction which has killed two people, and a really creepy new hooded cult that believes in denying the flesh, more than enough to keep Corinna and her Israeli lover, Daniel, busy.

DEVIL’S FOOD is the third title in the series, and the books just keep on getting better. The earlier titles are EARTHLY DELIGHTS and HEAVENLY PLEASURES, and all are set in Melbourne, Australia. Corinna is a larger than life character, who loves her food, her man and life. She hates watching the news as there is too much evil in the world, but is hooked on reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This book is unashamedly cosy – it is light, chatty, funny and easy to read. There are afternoon teas, cats and romance – in fact there are a lot of cats as just about everyone in the apartment block has one. Underneath all the banter and light heartedness Kerry Greenwood cleverly manages to make a lot of political statements on the state of the world today. I really enjoyed this laugh out loud book and recommend all three in the series.

May 2006 review originally published on Murder and Mayhem


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