Andrew Klavan






Quercus/Murdoch Books, This edition first published October 2006
Reviewed by Sally Roddom

Murder Mystery

Scott Weiss is a middle-aged former police officer turned private detective. His partner is Jim Bishop, a younger man with a taste for women and drugs. Weiss and Bishop fell out in the second book in this series, SHOTGUN ALLEY. In this third book, DAMNATION STREET, Weiss is searching for Julie, a prostitute he has feelings for but has never actually met. Julie went into hiding in DYNAMITE ROAD, the first in the series. She is running from John Foy aka Shadowman, a pathological killer who Weiss and Bishop have come up against before. Foy is obsessed with killing her. Julie phones Weiss begging him not to look for her because Foy will follow him. Weiss ignores the pleas, thinking if he finds Julie he can keep her safe. He also believes he can lure Foy out into the open using Julie as bait. As Weiss traces Julieís call and starts following her trail he learns there is more to her than meets the eye. Predictably, Foy follows Weiss, intent on being led to his much desired killing frenzy, while Bishop takes up the chase after he discovers some crucial information about Foy.

DAMNATION STREET was not a good read. Part of this was that I hadnít read any of the previous books, so I was immediately at a disadvantage as author Andrew Klavan didnít backtrack previous threads very well to bring readers up to speed. The other reason I did not enjoy the book was the graphic sex, and dreadful violence. The story didnít flow; it was jerky and presumed that all the back stories were already known to the reader. The characters were not brought alive for me Ė they were just characters on a page. There was no depth, no empathy with any of them. The story zipped along pretty quick earning its thriller tag. But the ending was basically a non-event. There was certainly build up, but it was a build up to nothing.

April 2007 review originally published on Murder & Mayhem


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