Rachel Gibson





Avon, February 2004
Reviewed by Barbara Fielding

Daisy Lee Monroe returns to her hometown of Lovett, Texas, to tell her old high school beau something she should have told him fifteen years ago. Jackson Parrish was Daisy Lee's first love. Following their high school graduation both of Jackson's parents were killed by a drunk driver. Filled with fresh grief, Jack told Daisy he thought they needed some time apart. Scared and needy, Daisy married Jackson's best friend, Steven Monroe, the next day. Now, fifteen years later, following Steven's painful death from cancer, Daisy has come home to make amends and deliver a letter Steven wrote to his childhood friend.

Jack Parrish, the owner of Parrish American Classics, a vintage auto restoration business, can't turn around without someone mentioning that Daisy's back in town. Daisy is the one woman Jack would just as soon forget. She's more beautiful now than she was at eighteen. He's never gotten over the bitterness he feels towards her and Steven, but Daisy won't let things be. She keeps coming around insisting they need to talk. Listening to Daisy's confession isn't what Jack has in mind, and the more he sees her the more she stirs up old feelings.

Rachel Gibson is the 'Queen of Romantic Comedy' and DAISY'S BACK IN TOWN is a winner. Daisy and Jack generate a combustible chemistry as they struggle to sort out the mistakes they made back in high school. The growth of these two characters is beautifully demonstrated and Gibson captures the authentic Texas male with dead on accuracy. There is also a delightful cast of secondary characters including Daisy's mother and sister who made me laugh out loud. Filled with smart-mouthed dialogue, screwball characters, and racy love scenes, Gibson delivers another entertaining read.


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