David Wolstencroft






Hodder and Staughton, Jan 2006
Reviewed by Sunnie Gill


The world of the Intelligence Service is full of myths and legends. One of the most enduring is that when you've been betrayed, your cover blown and you are disowned by the powers that be, there is one last chance to save your life. A place, person or people known only as CONTACT ZERO. It's whispered about in the intelligence community but no one really believes in its existence. Except when you have been betrayed, your cover blown, and it looks like you won't live much longer. It's safer for everyone if you're dead.

When the latest batch of MI6 graduates start being killed off in the field, the few who have managed to escape by the skin of their teeth have no option but to attempt to find CONTACT ZERO . Welcome to the Byzantine world of spooks and spies where nothing is what is seems and no one can be trusted.

David Wolstencroft is the creator of the very successful tv series "Spooks" (telecast in North America under the name of "MI5"). His second book, CONTACT ZERO, is in a similar vein to the tv series. The plot is an exciting roller-coaster ride through three continents with so many twists and turns it will make your head spin. It's impossible to tell the good guys from the bad ones. Trust no one. Trust nothing. At the end you will find CONTACT ZERO and safety. Or will you?

May 2006

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